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    because millions have no access to clean water

  • Christmas read-a-thon

    Read a new book before Christmas Day to raise money!

    The Christmas read-a-thon and new book launch!

    I'm so, so excited to release my new book, "Jeff and the firefly" in time for Christmas, and to set people off on the Christmas read-a-thon challenge too. Let's do this!

    Why Water?

    Take a look at this and see why getting water to people is so important.

    The RAAD NY FOILLAN walk of over 100 miles.

    Here's the proof that it actually happened! What an adventure, and we raised over £1,000 for GUSHGUSH by doing this.

  • So, who am I?

    me, clean water, and the book - the story so far...

    Hi, I'm Lula.

    I'm a ten year old from the Isle of Man, and I think it's wrong that there are millions of people across the world who don't have clean water to drink!


    It means they get sick and because of this they won't live healthy lives.


    So I decided to do something about it. I want to have my own charity one day called gushgush.


    But at the moment I'm ten, and when it all began I was just seven, so I'm linking in with charity:water - a charity in America that already does what I want to do. They have just launched an English charity:water and I went to meet them! It was awesome.


    To follow me on Facebook there is an external link at the top of this site. It's called FACEBOOK. No shock.

    My gross water experiment

    I made this when I was 7 years old, and it still explains really well why this is so important to 1 in 10 people around the planet.

  • So what's my current project?

    The Christmas read-a-thon is a challenge to read a whole book before Christmas, and to get people to sponsor you to do that. If you need help choosing a book, never fear! We have an awesome story to share with you in time for Christmas … Jeff and the firefly.


    It's my new children's book, and I'm very, very proud of it.

    If you want to know about it, or even to pre-order one, hit on the link below the book cover and all will come clear. It will take you to a pop-up web site all about the book.


    I'm hoping that this book will be part of a big Christmas project.


    Yes! My second story book.

    We are only printing 600 of these, and we're sure they are going to go like hotcakes.


    They've already arrived on the Isle of Man, and we are selling them as pre-orders online already.  There's a pre-launch opportunity on Thursday 8 November (at a Simeon Wood concert, 7pm at St. Thomas' Church, Douglas), where Simeon will interview me, and then I sell them in the interval.
    The real launch day is Saturday 10th November.  Go to my pop-up book site (right below this) to see when and where they will be delivered by me to the shops on the Island, and maybe I could see you there!


    This is my Christmas campaign.

  • Visit the pop-up site for my awesome book.

    Hit the button below and be transported to another world!

  • Ellan Vannin

    Click on the link below to go to Lula's charity single, featuring Ruth Keggin, Matt Creer and Amanda Brown, mixed and recorded at Ballagroove studios, Ballasalla IOM.


    Single launched 01 December 2017


    Still available to buy.

  • Ellan Vannin Official Music Video 2017

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Official Music Video

    Please feel free to enjoy the single, then click the link button above here to go to Lula's BANDCAMP page, and buy it - all the profit goes to charity:water. Huge thanks to Ruth Keggin, Matt Creer and Amanda Brown for performing and practicing together, especially to Ruth. Thanks also to Ballagroove Studios (Ballasalla, Isle of Man) for recording and mixing for us.

  • Factoids

    Numbers and facts about all this stuff.

    19th August 2015

    Books became available, and GUSHGUSH launched properly.


    Amount of Tiddles books sold in the first year!

    663 million

    People with no clean drinking water


    Lula's age

    Water Project

    Our first campaign raised money to fund half a water project. This year I want to fund a whole project myself.

    1 in 10

    The number of people with no clean drinking water.


    Up to October 2018, and over just 3 years, Lula has raised £19,000 for charity:water, and changed the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people.

  • Contact us

    To tell us about your PROJECT 10 thing, or ask a question, or simply to get in touch, contact my Mum or Dad through this form and they will get in touch with me!

  • Donate now!

    Click this link, and you'll go to my charity:water page, where it's super easy to donate to this project (The Christmas Read-a-thon). Remember, you're donating in dollars, so use something to change your GBP amount (pounds) into US dollars.